The Genesis of Industrial America, 1870-1920

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September 2007



This book offers a bold new interpretation of American business history at the dawn of big business, 1870 1920.


Prologue: a hothouse for economic growth; 1. The marvel of men and machines; 2. The lure of lovely and lucrative land; 3. The defeat of distance and desolation; 4. The potential of plentiful power; 5. The fabrication of familiar forms; 6. The burden of bargaining with behemoths; 7. The collision of city and country; 8. The mastery of mass markets; Epilogue: the boundaries of big business.


Maury Klein (B.A. Knox College, M.A., Ph.D. Emory University) has been a professor of history at the University of Rhode Island since 1964, receiving a Doctor of Humanities degree and the Distinguished Alumni Award from Knox College in 2001. Klein has been a Newcomen Fellow at Harvard Business School and held a Mellon Fellowship at Hagley Museum and Library. He has published 13 books and his numerous articles have appeared in Forbes, City, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, American History Illustrated, Sports Illustrated, and Civil War Times Illustrated. Klein has also appeared on documentaries on the BBC and PBS, among other networks.


"This perceptive study by the accomplished historian Maury Klein vividly reveals how business shaped the United States following the Civil War. Impressively conceived, amazingly comprehensive and delightfully written, The Genesis of Industrial America is must reading for an understanding of the origins of modern America." -H. Roger Grant, Clemson University "Genesis of Industrial America is a thoughtful and engaging survey of American economic development during the heyday of industrialism by one of America's most prolific and accomplished business historians." -Richard John, University of Illinois at Chicago "The Genesis of Industrial America is well-grounded, consistently insightful, and superbly written. Klein boils down the extensive literature of business and economic history, places major events and actors in proper contexts, and relates them effectively to the larger contexts of American social and political life." -Roger Olien, University of Texas -- Permian Basin "Klein has delivered a book that succeeds in summarizing and organizing in coherent fashion the often bewildering array of business developments and ensuing organizational consequences that occurred in this integral period of American history." --Canadian Journal of History "The prose is brisk, lively, and readable..." -Robert MacDougall, Technology and Culture
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