Nature: Course Notes from the College de France

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November 2003



Collected here are the written traces of courses on the concepts of nature given by Maurice Merieau-Ponty at the College de France in the 1950s--notes that provide a window on the thinking of one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century. In two courses distilled by a student and in a third composed of Merieau-Ponty's own notes, the ideas that animated the philosopher's lectures and that informed his later publications emerge in an early, fluid form in the process of being eleborated, negotiated, critiqued, and reconsidered.


Maurice Merleau-Ponty (1908-61) is the author of "In Praise of Philosophy," "The Primacy of Perception," "Sense and Non-Sense," "Signs," "Themes from the Lectures at the College de France 1952-1960," "The Prose of the World," "Adventures of the Dialectic," "Consciousness and the Acquisition of Language," and "Husserl at the Limits of Phenomenology," all published by Northwestern University Press. Robert Vallier has taught at the Universite Paris X-Nanterre and at the College International de Philosophie.
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