Religion, Politics and Preferment in France Since 1890: La Belle Epoque and Its Legacy

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A study of the problems faced by Catholics seeking state employment under the Third Republic.


Preface; Part I. As It Was: Catholic and the Republic 1890-1914: 1. Rallies et derailleurs: Catholics and subversion; 2. Le sabre et le goupillon: Catholics and the army; 3. Raison d'etat, raison d'eglise: the Roman dimension; Part II. As It Was: Catholics and State Employment: 4. Problems and principles; 5. Patterns of preferment; 6. Ronds-de-cuir, genoux de chameau: other sectors; 7. The Brotherhood at work; 8. Marianne at school; Part III. As It Became: 1914-1994: 9. La grande illusion? 1914-1939; 10. The leopard's spots, 1940-1960; 11. Croquet through the looking glass: rules and identity in question, 1960-1994; Notes; Sources.


"Not the least of this volume's strengths is its evocation of a bygone era when family values sustained rather than undermined the welfare state." Philip Nord, Princeton University "Maurice Larkin's work is unquestionably important to our understanding of the politics of preferment and exclusion on the basis of religious belief in modern France. Larkin is the preeminent scholar of the Catholic Church and religious politics in modern France. This little book, his revision of the Wiles lectures given at Queens University, Belfast, in 1986, is important and ground-breaking scholarship. At the same time, the issues it addresses evoke our understanding of the shaping of the political culture of individuals and groups who have been marginalized by prejudice and discrimination...This work is a professional historian's delight as Larkin brings to this study a fascinating ability to convey the complicated diplomatic and domestic relations between various Catholic groups and anti-regime forces.' Myrna Chase, History "The suthor writes in a clear and forceful, often witty, style which is a joy to read. This valuable, well-researched, and remarkable work clarifies the church-state problem such as the attitudes of the Vatican, the role of the Grand Orient in supporting republican policies, especially in the Affaire des fiches of 1904." Walter D. Gray, The Catholic Historical Review "An engaging and valuable study." Choice
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