International Students: Strengthening a Critical Resource

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September 2009



U.S. institutions of higher education must increase their awareness of international student issues, and International Students: Strengthening a Critical Resource reviews related research and highlights creative solutions and programming for the successful support of international students. The book provides practical, hands-on, broadly applicable solutions to addressing international student issues. Additionally, it serves as a practical guide for identifying and adopting best practices for serving international students.


Chapter 1 The International Student Picture 2 Adjustment Issues 3 Keys to Persistence: International Students in Higher Education 4 Recruitment 5 Orientation 6 English Language Programs and Academic Support 7 Social Support 8 Intercultural Adjustment and Learning 9 Immigration and Legal Issues


Maureen S. Andrade has extensive experience teaching ESL and TESOL courses. She is a former department chair and ESL program director at Brigham Young University Hawaii, and a former editor of the TESL Reporter. Her professional interests include teaching English for academic purposes, content-based language instruction, program assessment, and adjustment and retention issues for international students. Norman W. Evans is a faculty member in the Linguistics and English Language department at Brigham Young University. He has spent much of his career working with international students in a variety of capacities as an English language teacher, writing center coordinator, ESL program administrator, and TESOL teacher trainer.


This book is a useful primer on an understudied topic - international students. The authors provide analysis and institutional portraits of a dynamic group that is going to go through significant changes over the next decade. The book is an easy read on an important topic. -- William G. Tierney, University of Southern California A practical guide to the manifold issues affecting international students in the United States, this volume brings specific best practices to a range of key issues. It is a useful resource for practitioners. -- Philip G. Altbach, Monan University Professor and director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College The statistics speak for themselves: The U.S. today has slipped to fifth place among its global competitors in its ability to attract international students to its colleges and universities. This in an era where higher education is severely strapped for resources and where every 50 international students enrolled are estimated to generate $1,000,000 for that institution. The message of Andrade and Evans' excellent volume is clear: International students are a critical yet diminishing resource at U.S. colleges and universities. If we as a nation are to compete globally to attract this resource, we need to fundamentally change the way we recruit, orient, and support these students. Read this volume cover to cover to find out how. You are guaranteed to come away with a rich compendium of ideas on topics ranging from facilitating intercultural adjustment to implementing models of language support to improving regulatory compliance. -- Donna Brinton, Professor of TESOL, Soka University of America Maureen S. Andrade and Norman W. Evans have produced a significant resource in the field of international student affairs. This major contribution to our field is at once scholarly in tone yet down to earth in its concrete case studies and examples of real life situations. The book offers fascinating analyses of the challenges facing international education professionals on U.S. campuses every day. The breadth and depth of expertise exemplified by the two main authors and their fellow contributors in this book assure it a seminal place in the field. Invaluable advice on marketing, recruiting, ESL, international student retention, instructional technology, support programs, and many other allied topics make it a must-read not only for the relative neophyte but also for the seasoned professional. This volume belongs in every International Programs Office in the country. -- Robert Watkins, Assistant Director of Admissions - Graduate and International, The University of Texas at Austin
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