Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy

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Februar 1991



The elusive writings and thought processes of philosopher Friedrich Nietzschestill haunt the modern world. In this highly original analytical study of thecentral topics of his epistemology and metaphysics, the Nietzsche who emergesis a subtle, sophisticated philosopher, whose highly articulated views are ofcontinuing interest to a range of philosophical issues.


Notes on texts and citations; 1. Interpreting Neitzsche's on truth; 2. Nietzsche and theories of truth; 3. Language and truth: Nietzsche's early denial of truth; 4. The development of Neitzsche's later position on truth; 5. Perspectivism; 6. The ascetic ideal; 7. The will to power; 8. Eternal recurrence.


" is especially satisfying to come across Nietzsche scholarship that is not only challenging and original, but also offers a thoughtful, well argued, and meticulously researched account of Nietzsche's project. In other words, it is truly rewarding to come across a work like Clark's Nietzsche On Truth and Philosophy." International Philosophical Quarterly "This book is an important contribution to Anglo-American Nietzsche scholarship. It represents the most ambitious (and most successful) attempt to date to subject Nietzsche's philosophy to the rigorous analysis usually reserved for mainstream philosophers. Carefully argued and scrupulously researched, this impressive study demonstrates both the possiblity and the value of taking Nietzsche seriously as a thinker of the first rank. Maudemarie Clark has delivered a book that should stimulate Nietzsche scholarship for many years to come." Review of Metaphysics
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