War and Chivalry: The Conduct and Perception of War in England and Normandy, 1066 1217

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This is the first detailed study of the behavior in war of the military aristocracy in England and Normandy from the Norman Conquest to the reign of King John (1066-1217). Though methods of warfare are integral to the book, the emphasis is on conduct in battle and siege rather than with tactics and strategy. It explores ideas of ransom and the treatment of prisoners, the extent to which there was a "brotherhood in arms" among noble opponents, and how the knights treated the peasantry and churchmen in wartime.


Preface; List of illustrations and maps; 1. Introduction: the conquest and chivalry; 2. A 'law of arms'?; 3. A Christian chivalry? War, piety and sacrilege; 4. Honour, shame and reputation; 5. Conduct in battle: a brotherhood in arms?; 6. The limits of chivalry and the realities of battle; 7. Ransom and the treatment of prisoners; 8. Respite, resistance and honourable surrender: conventions of siege warfare; 9. Rebellion, treason and the punishment of revolt; 10. War against the land: ravaging and attrition; 11. Total war? The Scots and the routiers; 12. Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


'... a superb book of notable importance with a relevance well beyond the confines of its title.' English Historical Review
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