Peer-to-Peer with VB .NET

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August 2003



The author explores how peer-to-peer design ideas can be integrated into existing .NET applications.


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Matthew MacDonald is an author, educator, and MCSD developer who has a passion for emerging technologies. He is a regular writer for developer journals such as Inside Visual Basic, ASPToday, and Hardcore Visual Studio .NET, a contributor to O'Reilly's series of .NET Nutshell titles, and the author of several books about programming with .NET, including The Book of VB .NET (No Starch), .NET Distributed Applications (Microsoft Press), and User Interfaces in VB.NET (Apress). In a dimly remembered past life he studied English literature and theoretical physics.


From the reviews:
"The value of this book is in explaining, or attempting to explain, the idea and how to implement it. ... This book succeeds in outlining how to go about solving the problems using VB.NET and .NET in general. There are some useful examples and lots of descriptions ... . If you want to be on the cutting edge of a new technology then this book provides a practical approach." (Mike James, Visual Systems Journal, April, 2004)
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