Yeats, Coleridge and the Romantic Sage

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This work explores an aspect of Yeats's writing largely ignored until now: namely, his wide-ranging absorption in S.T. Coleridge. Gibson explores the consistent and densely woven allusions to Coleridge in Yeats's prose and poetry, often in conjunction with other Romantic figures, arguing that the earlier poet provided him with both a model of philosopher - 'the sage' - and an interpretation of metaphysical ideas which were to have a resounding effect on his later poetry, and upon his rewriting of A Vision .


Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations Introduction PART ONE: PERSONALITY Phantasmagoria: the Personality of Coleridge in the Earlier Prose of Yeats 'Myself Must I Remake': Coleridge as Sage in Yeats's 1930 Diary PART TWO: TRANSCENDENCE AND IMMANENCE Reason and Understanding: Coleridge's Philosophical Influence on Years 'Wisdom, Magic Sensation': Coleridge's 'Supernatural' Poems in the later Poetry of Yeats PART THREE: METAPHOR 'Natural Declension of the Soul': Mirror-metaphors in Yeats's Prose Towards 'Berkeley's Roasting Spit': Coleridge and Metaphors of Unity Appendix: Yeats's Coleridge Collection Notes and Citations Bibliography Index


Matthew Gibson is Assistant Professor of English at The American University in Bulgaria.


' and dense...The book is deft in its study of complex, intertextual connections.' - Bulletin of the British Association of Romantic Studies
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