Accountability and Fraud Control in Haulage Business: A View on...

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August 2015



ACCOUNTABILITY AND FRAUD CONTROL IN HAULAGE BUSINESS: A VIEW ON MANAGERIAL PROCEDURE TO MAXIMIZE PROFIT. The author has a burning desire to combat fraud in business because fraud is one of the major threats to the success of any business. Hence, the effort to bring this book to the business world of Haulage/transport to combat consistent fraudulent practices geared to close down the business and make investors debtors to their financiers (if any like, banks).


The author,for now,is the company representative of M. Martimo Nigeria Enterprises Limited. He has BSc in Accounting with about 10 years work experience covering various field of business.He has a burning desire to combat fraud.Matthew's background in the Accounting field is apparent in his work and allows him to bring a unique perspective on this.
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