The Syntax-Morphology Interface: A Study of Syncretism

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This pioneering book provides a full-length study of inflectional syncretism, presenting a typology of its occurrence across a wide range of languages.


Preface; List of abbreviations and symbols; 1. Introduction; 2. Characteristics of syncretism; 3. Cross-linguistic typology of features; 4. Formal representation; 5. Formal framework and case studies; 6. Conclusion; References; Indexes.


Matthew Baerman is Research Fellow in Linguistics at the University of Surrey. Dunstan Brown investigates autonomous morphology, morphology-syntax interaction, and typology. His recent work has focused on describing and understanding different aspects of morphological complexity. After graduating with a BA in Modern Languages and a Master of Linguistics from the University of Manchester, he completed a PhD in Linguistics at the University of Surrey and worked there for many years before taking up a 50th Anniversary Chair at the University of York in 2012. Greville G. Corbett is Distinguished Professor of Linguistics at the University of Surrey.


'This book is a milestone in the understanding of syncretism, and will interest both specialists and non-specialists ... the existing literature on syncretism is widely documented and discussed at length before the Network Morphology model is proposed, so that the theoretical inquiry matches the quality of the empirical data. Cercles
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