Like a Splinter in Your Mind: The Philosophy Behind the Matrix Trilogy

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Leads readers through the myriad of philosophical themes within the "Matrix" trilogy, helping them to gain a better understanding of the films and of philosophy itself. This title covers thirteen of the biggest philosophical questions in thirteen self-sufficient chapters suitable for course use.


Introduction.Before the Philosophy - Understanding the Films.1. Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole: Knowledge, Reality, and the Pit of Skepticism.2. Mind and Body in Zion.3. Are Sentient Machines Possible?.4. There is No Spoon: Does matter really exist?.5. Virtual Bodies: The Social Construction of Race and Gender in the Matrix.6. The Problem is Choice: Control, Free Will, and Causal Determinism.7. How to Really Bake Your Noodle: Time, Fate, and the Problem of Foreknowledge.8. Smith's Moral Challenge.9. De-Cyphering Right and Wrong.10. Morpheus and the Leap of Faith.11. Existentialism for Sentient Programs.12. The Tao of the Code.13. Overcoming Our Own Matrix.EXTRAS.Cast of Matrix Characters.Matrix Glossary.Philosophy Glossary


Matt Lawrence is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Long Beach City College.


"Lawrence's examples enable a reader well-versed in the series to understand the complex philosophical issues and perspectives represented by the various characters and events." (Journal of the Fantastic In the Arts) "Given the wide variety of topics covered, the unique perspective, and the inviting style, Splinter truly is the book Matrix fans have been waiting for. As an introduction to philosophy, it's first-rate, both for fans of the trilogy, and even those who aren't." (THEMATRIX101.COM) "The book is exceptionally well-organized: Lawrence has done a remarkable job of isolating the salient issues and examining them systematically, one by one, chapter by chapter, in a colloquial, witty style that enhances the accessibility of his method." (The Boston Phoenix, Friday September 24, 2004)
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