New Day Begun: African American Churches and Civic Culture in Post-Civil Rights America

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Juli 2003



"New Day Begun" presents the findings of the first major research project on black churches' civic involvement since C. Eric Lincoln and Lawrence H. Mamiya's landmark study "The Black Church in the African American Experience."


R. Drew Smith is Director of the Public Influences of African-American Churches Project and Scholar-in-Residence at The Leadership Center at Morehouse College in Atlanta. He is an Advisory Board Member for the Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics at Calvin College and for the Pew Civic Partnership. He has a Ph.D. in political science and a masters degree in divinity from Yale University.


"This volume, uniquely, fills an urgent need for reliable information and analysis concerning the style and manner of civic engagement of the black church since the civil rights movement. Anyone who wants to understand the role of the black church in current electoral politics and in government-financed faith-based initiatives in housing, community development, and other programs must read this book."--Mary Frances Berry, Chairperson, United States Commission on Civil Rights and Geraldine R. Segal Professor of American Social Thought and Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania
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