A Different Plain: Contemporary Nebraska Fiction Writers

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September 2004



O Pioneers! was oh so long ago, and yet Willa Cather's masterpiece has proven to be an enduring template for readers' notions of Nebraska writing. The short stories collected here, so richly various in style, theme, and subject matter, should put an end to any such plain thinking about writing from this any-thing-but-plain state. Nebraska writers all, the authors explore the Midwest, a vastness of small towns, corn, cattle, football, and family businesses. They also venture far afield, to desolate western lives, crowded urban relationships, poignant couplings, comic families, and the worldly idiosyncrasies of characters everywhere. Whether about aging or coming-of-age, leave-taking or coming home, falling apart or finding love, these stories represent contemporary fiction at its best, from the high style of Richard Dooling's "Immortal Man" to Kent Haruf's soft-spoken "Dancing," from Ron Hansen's "My Communist" to Joins Agee's earthy, offbeat "Binding the Devil." Original, spirited, and surprising, these contemporary writings depict a modern world on the move and extend the tradition of great fiction from Nebraska into the twenty-first century.


Ladette Randolph, the associate director and humanities editor at the University of Nebraska Press. She is the author of a collection of short stories This Is Not the Tropics (2006) and recipient of numerous awards, including the Virginia Faulkner Award, Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer's Award, and a Pushcart Prize.


"This wonderful anthology brings together 25 contemporary Nebraska fiction writers and showcases some of the best emerging literary talent available to the reading public. . . . The Midwest has never been so well represented in contemporary fiction. . . . This book is a delightful read."--Mike Nobles, "Tulsa World"--Mike Nobles "Tulsa World "
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