Allegories of Union in Irish and English Writing, 1790-1870: Politics, History, and the Family from Edgeworth to Arnold

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Corbett explores fictional and non-fictional representations of Ireland's relationship with England throughout the nineteenth century.


Acknowledgements; 1. Public affections and familial politics: Burke, Edgeworth, and Ireland in the 1790s; 2. Allegories of prescription: engendering union in Owenson and Edgeworth; 3. Troubling others: representing the Immigrant Irish in Urban England at mid-century; 4. Plotting colonial authority: Trollope's Ireland, 1845-1860; 5. England's opportunity, England's character: Arnold, Mill and the Fate of the Union in the 1860s; Afterword; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"...impressive scholarship helps to make Allegories of Union a significant contribution to recent critical work attentive to how modern post-colonial theory, with its emphasis on "heterogeneity" and "hybridity," can illuminate 'analogous struggles over meaning in the past.'" Victorians Institute Journal "...a very timely book that brings concerns regarding gender and postcolonialism to bear on the discourse--specifically political commentary and novels--regarding the relationship between Ireland and England from the 1790s to the 1860s...Corbett's book is impressively lucid..." Victorian Studies
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