The Melody Lingers on

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Three generations of a wealthy family. One terrifying family secret. When a beloved aunt agrees to help her teenaged niece with her college essays, she never imagines she'll open doors to her own past. The niece writes a highly auto biographical piece about the night her grandmother was murdered - a grisly crime long believed to be a burglary gone awry. The girl, who was a young child at the time, was sleeping in the nursery and writes that she saw her step-grandfather in the hallway. Her aunt is shocked. At the time, the man in question - her stepfather - had been dead for several years. Among the missing belongings from her mother's home was a precious music box, on which was engraved the number of a Swiss bank account containing millions. Convinced her stepfather faked his own death and returned to murder his wife and grab the money, the aunt is determined to uncover the truth and bring him to justice.


Mary Higgins Clark is the author of thirty-one suspense novels; three collections of short stories; a historical novel, and a memoir. She is the co-author with her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark, of five holiday suspense novels.
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