The Gender Division of Welfare: The Impact of the British and German Welfare States

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The Gender Division of Welfare is an ambitious study that raises interesting and important questions concerning the relationship among welfare states, gender differentiation and social inequality. The book traces the consequences of different welfare state and social policy arrangements for women and men and the households in which they live. Mary Daly examines the British and German welfare states showing that both countries differ markedly in the measures they have instituted in various areas.


1. Theory on the welfare state: the place of gender?; 2. A framework for analysing the gender dimension of welfare states; 3. The British and German welfare states and the support of family and gender roles; 4. Sex, gender and the distributive principles of cash transfer systems; 5. Income inequality and resource-based relations; 6. Sex, gender and poverty; 7. Marriage, wellbeing and women's economic risks; 8. Welfare states and gender divisions.


"I provides an excellent account od theorectial developments on the conceptualization of the welfare state, and the methodologies employed to study welfare states...Overall, The Gender Division of Welfare advances theory and analysis, and can be highly recommended. Given its focus...The book offers an engaging account and evaluation of two welfare regime types and the effect of cash transfer and taxation systems and policies on the economic situation of men and women" Contemporary Sociology "...this book provides an excellent starting point for bringing gender and family to the center of economic and political analysis." American Journal of Sociology "This book will be of interest to welfare state scholars seeking recent and well-informed observations from the feminist perspective" Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare Dec 2001
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