Offshore Outsourcing of It Work: Client and Supplier Perspectives

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This book considers offshore client/supplier relationships' biggest challenges, including the protection of intellectual property, and managing knowledge transfer and offshore outsourcing at project level. Based on over 150 interviews and case studies, this is an invaluable read for managers and researchers looking to learn from real experiences.


Overview of Offshore Outsourcing of IT Work Managing Knowledge Transfer and Protection of Intellectual Property: Evidence from an Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Managing Offshore Project: Evidence from a Fortune 500 Biotechnology Company Migration from Tactical to Strategic Outsourcing: Evidence from a Fortune 500 Retailer Client Lessons: Proven Practices for Managing Offshore Supplier Lessons: Managing Growth Future Trends


Dr. MARY C. LACITY is a Professor of Information Systems and International Business Fellow at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She was the recipient of the 2008 Gateway to Innovation Award sponsored by the IT Coalition and the Society for Information Management and the 2000 World Outsourcing Achievement Award sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Michael Corbett and Associates. She has written eight books and 50 scholarly papers, and she is US Editor of the Journal of Information Technology. Dr JOSEPH ROTTMAN is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at the University of Missouri-St Louis, USA. He earned his Doctor of Science in Information Management from Washington University. He has conducted research and has spoken internationally on global sourcing, innovation diffusion, and public sector IT. He has been engaged by Fortune 500 companies to assess their global sourcing strategies as well as public sector organizations seeking strategic leadership. His publications have appeared in the Sloan Management Review, IEEE Computer, MIS Quarterly Executive, Journal of Information Technology, and Information and Management.


'This book tackles a very complex issue - that of outsourcing some of the work IT departments currently do to offshore companies...This book is a valuable sourcing tool and is definitely worth a read for any IT managers thinking about taking on an offshore resource.' - Tony Morris, Supply Management
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