Team Strategies for Success: Doing What Counts in Education

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Oktober 2001



Break down the barriers within your school organization! Teaming is a collaborative educational model necessary for the increasingly sophisticated world of the Information Age. This book is a primer--containing both theory and practice--for the educator looking for team strategies and success. It is designed around the principle that educational teams are composed of highly interrelated processes. From this book, you will learn how to bring your school together using seven steps for development and implementation which offer you a workable team empowerment design.


Chapter 1 Introduction: Background of the Team Challenge in Education Chapter 2 Part One: Considering the Team Approach Chapter 3 Part Two: Setting the Stage for Teams Chapter 4 Team Environment Considerations Chapter 5 Dimensions of Teams Chapter 6 Part Three: What's Happening in Teams? Chapter 7 Current Team Efforts Chapter 8 Part Four: Building Successful Teams Chapter 9 Simple and Easy Strategies that Work Chapter 10 Team Empowerment: How Do You Get It Right? Chapter 11 Glossary Chapter 12 Bibliography


Mary Ann Smialek is a quality management consultant and has been a teacher at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. She is currently the editor of the American Society for Quality Education Division QED News.


This is a highly valuable book for professional educators. Empowered teams have been shown to have a tremendous impact on performance in the private sector. The author shows how many of these same principles can be used to transform our views of education. This book contains not only a solid foundation, but is full of practical tips. -- Richard S. Wellins, author of Empowered Teams and senior vice president of programs and marketing at Development Dimensions International (DDI) Mary Ann Smialek's book is an important tool in education reform. There is a lot of talk about turning education into a profession in which teams work together to change organizational practice. Smialek's book provides a clear set of process suggestions for turning talk about teamwork into real, effective, productive collaboration. -- Alan Lesgold, Ph.D., dean of the University of Pittsburgh's School of Education As director of a doctoral program in educational leadership, I agree with two truths promoted by Mary Ann Smialek: you have what it takes to initiate teams in your organization and no one is going to do it for you. What is often needed, however, is the knowledge of how to do it. Smialek provides that in a succinct and interesting way-basing it in both research and practice. -- Dr. Helen C. Sobehart, director of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program for Educational Leaders and the Leadership Institute, Dusquesne University
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