The Whole World's Watching: Decarbonizing the Economy and Saving the World

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In The Whole World's Watching the authors explain how money can be channeled into the technology that will preserve the lifestyles we currently enjoy and create a new era of economic growth. This is a book that proposes real, concrete solutions. Environmentalists and politicians will not stop climate change from occurring: industry will and it will happen a lot sooner than we think. Global warming is real and not a problem that will disappear on its own. This book explains why it is now time to mobilize the world's financial markets to work for the good of mankind. The money to finance the changes necessary to prevent climatic mutation should come from Wall Street, instead of Washington or Berlin.


Foreword. Jack Kemp: Biographical Information. Acknowledgments. The Whole Worlda s Watching. America Strikes Out. The Rest of the World. Power to the People. The Afterburners. Renewable Energy. Nuclear Energy. Fuel Cells. Trading. Methane and Other Greenhouse Gases. Kyoto Has No Soul. Glossary.


MARTYN TURNER specializes in energy risk management for a major international bank in London. He has worked in the financial markets for 14 years, and holds degrees in mathematics and statistics, both from London University. BRIAN Oa CONNELL has worked as a consultant in the financial markets for over 15 years. He is the author of two previous books and is a regular contributor to the financial press on risk management issues.


"A timely new book." ---- The Daily Telegraph, 28th November 2000
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