Delivering Learning on the Net: The Why, What & How of Online Education

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Juni 2002



As online education becomes more familiar, so the reality of using it in teaching and learning has moved beyond the realm of the specialist. Pedagogy and best practice
Delivering Learning on the Net explores the reality of online education today. Martin Weller chaired the groundbreaking Open University course You, Your computer and the Net, which is now the largest for-credit online course in Europe. Based on this and his experiences elsewhere, the book is a comprehensive resource grounded in practical reality as well as in research. Key issues covered include:
*the Net and its relation to education;
*developing and implementing online courses;
*the key issues surrounding online education.
Teachers, trainers, technologists, administrators and decision-makers working in higher and further education will all find much of value in this book.


Introduction: Who this book is for; The contents of the book; The approach of the book. Part 1 Why the Net is significant: Introduction; You, your computer and the Net; Educational technology: promise unfulfilled; Broadcast media and CD ROM; Why the Net i
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