BKSTS Illustrated Dictionary of Moving Image Technology

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November 2000



Provides concise explanations of the terminology and acronyms encountered in the broadcasting and moving image industries. This book includes over 3300 definitions covering film, television, sound and multimedia technologies, together with technical terms from the computing, networks and telecommunications industries.


Fully illustrated A-Z listing of technical terminology and acronyms; Quick look-up section for acronyms; Appendices of technical information


"Every broadcasting organisation, every facilities company, every university and college running media training courses, every equipment hire company, in fact, any company using moving images as a core part of their business should have at least one copy of this book. And if that's not a firm enough recommendation, I'll add that if I had any parliamentary influence, I'd ensure that a law was passed immediately which made it mandatory for a copy of this book to be in EVERY office occupied by producers, production managers, and P.A.s." Tony Grant, in Zerb magazine "This is a well written and researched, comprehensive, informative and highly readable reference book." Jim Slater, in Image Technology magazine
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