The Economics of Tropical Farming Systems

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Based on the author's widely used earlier text African Farm Management, this account updates the economic analysis of tropical agriculture and broadens its perspective to include examples from all parts of the developing world. Writing in a clear, concise style, Professor Upton explains the essential theories of farm economics without numerous mathematical formulae. The text is completely revised, with increased emphasis on farm household economics, in which farms are seen as consumers as well as producers. Also included is a new chapter on the economics of irrigated agriculture. This book provides an invaluable economic framework for better understanding the operation and management of farming systems in the tropics, and will be welcomed by students of tropical agriculture worldwide. From reviews of African Farm Management: "The author produces an authoritative text interlaced with many relevant and illustrative references." -- Experimental Agriculture


Preface; Part I. Farm Production Economics: 1. Farming systems in economic development; 2. The farmer's environment; 3. The farmer's production choices; 4. Labour and leisure; 5. Costs, scale and size; 6. Risk avoidance; Part II. Resource Use: 7. Capital and credit; 8. Natural resources; 9. The economics of irrigated farming systems; Part III. Field Investigations: 10. Farming systems research; 11. Surveys; 12. Analysis; 13. Production functions; Part IV. Farm Planning: 14. Budgeting; 15. Investment appraisal; 16. Linear programming; Appendix; Index.


'... the author produces an authoritative text interlaced with many relevant and illustrative references ...' Experimental Agriculture
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