Europe of the Air?: The Airline Industry and European Integration

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Juni 2008



This definitive book offers the first full study of the development of the European Union's air-transport policy. Crucial to both globalization and regional integration, commercial aviation, along with other transport industries, provides the logistics for business activities, political life, and contact between cultures. Exploring the long struggle to create a 'Europe of the air' through both regulatory change and airline strategizing, Martin Staniland examines the political bargains that have shaped a highly fragmented industry and its regulation. An invaluable case-study in industrial policy, this book will be essential reading for students of aviation, as well as for scholars interested in regulatory change and European integration.


Introduction Part I: The E.U. Market Order
Chapter 1: Regulating the Airlines
Chapter 2: Chicago and the Growth of Europeanism
Chapter 3: The Commission and the Member States
Chapter 4: Negotiating the Three Packages
Chapter 5: The Dilemmas and Strategies of the Airlines Part II: Managing the Market
Chapter 6: Third-Country Agreements and Air Traffic Management
Chapter 7: Airport Access
Chapter 8: The State Aid Problem
Chapter 9: Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 10: Alliances and Globalization Conclusion


Martin Staniland is professor and division director for international affairs in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh.


Staniland has written a crisp and insightful account of the metamorphosis of the complex European aviation regulatory landscape. Few areas of the world have embraced global governance as vigorously as has the European Union, and the new competitive environment creates formidable challenges and opportunities for EU carriers-and carriers competing with them. This is a highly readable contribution to the literature. -- Paul Stephen Dempsey, McGill University A masterful analysis. Staniland's ability to synthesize a vast array of primary and secondary materials into a coherent whole will be a boon to any serious scholar of international aviation. But those interested in the larger political and economic challenges of integrating Europe's economies will also find in this work a fascinating case study of the competing and often contradictory national and supranational interests that influence the regulatory profile of a large, complicated, and highly politicized industry. -- Brian Havel, DePaul University Staniland should be commended for this admirable piece of work, which sheds light and helps to understand the whole process... A very significant contribution [that] provides an intelligent perspective on the key features of European integration in the air from a new angle by focusing in particular on the relationship between the airline industry and its regulators. -- Daniel Calleja, from the foreword, Air Transport Directorate for the EC
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