JOP: A Java Optimized Processor for Embedded Real-Time Systems

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Mai 2015



This thesis presents a Java processor designed for time-predictable
execution of real-time tasks. JOP (Java Optimized Processor) is the
implementation of the Java virtual machine in hardware. JOP is
intended for applications in embedded real-time systems and the
primary implementation technology is in a field programmable gate
array. This research demonstrates that a hardware implementation of
the Java virtual machine results in a small design for
resource-constrained devices.
Architectural advancements in modern processor designs increase
average performance with features such as pipelines, caches and
branch prediction. However, these features complicate worst-case
execution time (WCET) analysis and lead to very conservative WCET
estimates. This thesis tackles this problem from the architectural
perspective - by introducing a processor architecture in which
simpler and more accurate WCET analysis is more important than
average case performance.
The proposed processor and the Java real-time profile have been used
with success to implement several commercial real-time applications.


Martin Schoeberl received his PhD degree in Computer Engineering from
the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, in 2005. Since 2005 he
has been assistant professor at the Vienna University of Technology.
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