The Reform of Bismarckian Pension Systems: A Comparison of Pension Politics in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden

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Sluggish economic growth, rising unemployment, and a rapidly aging population all exert financial pressure on public pension systems and highlight the need for major reform. Martin Schludi traces the political process of pension reform in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden from the 1980s onward and skillfully analyzes the various political and economic factors in pension reform, such as gaining public support for policy initiatives. Schludi also considers case studies that range from successfully restructured pension arrangements to complete policy failures. This volume is an essential and valuable resource that demystifies the complex factors involved in social policy reforms driven by fiscal concerns.


Table of Contents - 6[-]List of Tables/List of Figures - 7[-]Acknowledgements - 8[-]Introduction - 10[-]1 The Need for Pension Reform:A Problem-Oriented Perspective - 14[-] 1.1 Public pension arrangements under adaptational pressures - 14[-] 1.2 Specific vulnerabilities of Bismarckian pension systems - 17[-] 1.3 Options for reform - 21[-] 1.4 Varying degrees in the need for adjustment - 44[-]2 An Empirical Overview of Policy Change in Bismarckian Pension Regimes - 52[-]3 The Politics of Pension Reform:An Actor-Centred Explanatory Framework - 60[-] 3.1 Social policymaking in an era of retrenchment:A review of theoretical approaches - 60[-] 3.2 The concept of actor-centred institutionalism - 66[-] 3.3 The politics of pension reform - 69[-] 3.4 Summary of the theoretical framework - 87[-]4 Sweden:Policy-Oriented Bargaining - 90[-]5 Italy:Corporatist Concertation in the Shadow of EMU - 110[-]6 Germany:From Consensus To Conflict - 130[-]7 Austria:Reform Blockage by the Trade Unions - 166[-]8 France:Adverse Prerequisites for a Pension Consensus - 192[-]9 Conclusion - 220[-]
Appendix I Summary Description of Retirement Systems (1986) - 250[-]
Appendix II Chronology of National Pension Reforms - 260[-]
Appendix III Glossary of Terms - 270[-]Notes - 274[-]Bibliography - 290[-]Index - 308


Martin Schludi works at the Institut f r Arbeidsmarkt- und Berufsforschung, N rnberg (Germany)
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