Soccer and Society: South Wales, 1900-1939

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Januar 2002



"That Other Game" surveys soccer's early history in south Wales. Through an exploration of the spectrum of the game, from international matches and professional clubs to schoolboy games, this book illustrates how soccer was shaped by wider social, cultural and economic forces.


Martin Johnes is a lecturer in Sports Studies at St Martin's College, Lancaster. He is the author, with Iain McLean, of Aberfan: Government and Disasters (2000) and has published widely on the history of both local government and sport in Wales.


' ... a very readable social history.' Soccer History ' ...Martin Johnes tells the story with depth, insight and compassion ... a lucid and rewarding study'(Welsh History Review) 'sensitive and exhaustively-researched account of soccer in South Wales in the first 40 years of the twentieth century ...' (Soccer and Society, Vol 3, No 2) 'The author's research has been thorough and detailed, and the result is an absorbing read.' Programme Monthly 'a very readable social history.' Soccer History ' ... a first rate social and cultural history... the book is a valuable addition to the history of nationalism and identity in Great Britain and furthers our understanding of the ways in which people used multiple, overlapping cultures of the region, nation, home, class, work, leisure, and religion to add richness and meaning to their lives...' (Albion)
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