Textbook on International Law

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April 2013



The seventh edition of Textbook on International Law offers students new to the subject a concise and focused introduction to the essential topics of an international law course. Dixon brings the subject to life with the use of topical examples to illustrate key concepts.


1 The nature of international law and the international system; 2 The sources of international law; 3 The law of treaties; 4 International law and national law; 5 Personality, statehood and recognition; 6 Jurisdiction and sovereignty; 7 Immunities from national jurisdiction; 8 The law of the sea; 9 State responsibility; 10 The peaceful settlement of disputes; 11 The use of force; 12 Human rights


Martin Dixon is a Fellow in Law at Queens' College, Cambridge, and a Reader in Law at the University of Cambridge. He has been a legal officer for the United Nations in Vienna, advises companies on questions of international law, and is co-author of Cases & Materials on International Law.
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