A Sociological History of Christian Worship

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The 2000 year history of Christian worship is viewed from a sociological perspective as Martin Stringer develops the idea of discourse as a way of understanding worship's place within many diverse social contexts. Stringer provides a broad survey of changes over 2000 years of the Christian church, together with a series of case studies that highlight particular elements of the worship, or specific theoretical applications. Offering a contribution to the ongoing debate that breaks away from a purely textual or theological study, this book provides a greater understanding of the place of worship in its social and cultural context.


Introduction: discourse, devotion and embodiment; 1. Early Christian worship, texts and contexts to AD 300; 2. Worship and the Christianisation of public spaces 300 600; 3. Hegemonic discourses in the worship of Empires 600 900; 4. The dominant discourse of cosmological Christianity 900 1200; 5. Accessing the demotic discourses of devotion 1200 1500; 6. Worship and the rise of humanistic discourses 1500 1800; 7. The globalisation of Christian worship 1800 2000.
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