Turbulence and Random Processes in Fluid Mechanics

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August 1992



Fluid flow turbulence is a phenomenon of great importance in many fields of engineering and science.


1. Introduction with historical notes; 2. Characteristic scales and nondimensional parameters; 3. Basic equations; 4. Statistical tools for description of turbulence; 5. Examples of homogeneous turbulent flows; 6. Waves; 7. Instability and transition to turbulence; 8. Shear flow turbulence structure; 9. Turbulence modeling and closure schemes; 10. Aerodynamic noise; 11. Convective transport; 12. Numerical simulation of turbulence.


"This small book is a gem that should be widely appreciated...It is clean, useful, and almost elegant in its confident approach to the subject." Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society " easy to read introduction to turbulence, instabilities and transitions...successfully reviews a large class of nonlinear phenomena in fluids (solitons, deterministic chaos, transitions, fully developed turbulence) without many technical details...provides a good bibliography...very valuable in that it rapidly provides a good fundamental background to engineers who have to cope with realistic problems in fluids." P. L. Sulem, Mathematical Reviews
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