A Lifetime of Lessons: Over 50 Years of Expert Instruction to Help You Play Your Best Golf Now

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Mai 2006



Although most would consider golf a difficult game, the techniques needed to complete a round in as few strokes as possible can be simplified. Such is the mantra of teaching legend Marshall Smith, whose proven, no-nonsense approach to golf instruction has thrilled students for more than 50 years. In his latest book, Smith shares a lifetime of lessons in a tee-to-green primer that makes simple work of driving iron play, pitching and chipping, putting, and all other aspects of the game. Smith's book draws upon original lessons as well as the experience that only a half century's involvement in the game can provide. Full swing, short game, and strategy needs are addressed to assist every skill level, from struggling beginner to seasoned professional. Quick and lasting remedies for common faults also should find favor with readers who take their golf game seriously and wish to shoot lower scores.


Marshall Smith as PGA tour instructor has taught Chi Chi Rodriguez, Craig Stadler, Gary Player, and many others. He is author of numerous golf instruction books. Co-author David DeNunzio is Golf Tips magazine editor and author of more than 1,000 golf instructional articles.

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