Self-Help for Premenstrual Syndrome: Third Edition

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Februar 1999



Millions of women suffer monthly from the debilitating symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. As more evidence has emerged on the biological basis of the disorder, attention has shifted to effective treatment of a problem once believed to be "all in a woman's head".When it was first published almost fifteen years ago, Self Help for Premenstrual Syndrome was the first book on PMS ever published in the U.S. and quickly established itself as a classic. In this third edition, Dr. Michelle Harrison, a leading authority on PMS, updates the volume with the latest information. Topics include: causes; symptoms; diagnosis; the role of diet and exercise; understanding a woman's menstrual cycle; coping with stress; vitamins, minerals, and oil-of-evening-primrose; the most effective medications and alternative therapies; psychotherapy; sexuality and PMS; support groups; and how to find an advocate for the fight help for PMS.

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