Unemployment Dynamics in the United States and West Germany

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September 2003



In writing this book, I increasingly became aware of the extent to which much of the finest social science research has been devoted to the issue of unemployment. Unemployment rightly is a key issue in the social sciences for search of social and political answers to the economic, social and psychological distress caused by un­ certainty and macroeconomic change. I was glad to find my own worries shared by eminent and respected scholars: George Akerlof once confessed to pursue the study of unemployment ultimately because of his father's distress from fear of un­ employment, and Wout Ultee started research on unemployment from the consid­ eration that parents' talk about unemployment risks should not come to dominate marriage parties or other family occasions. The problem of unemployment is thus hardly confmed to actual loss of income, but one where economic insecurity be­ gins to undermine the very fabric of society. In consequence, to combat unem­ ployment should indeed be a foremost issue in societies striving for freedom and justice for their citizenry, yet to succeed obviously requires an understanding of the underlying economic realities. If this study could contribute to this endeavor, all the time spent in writing would seem well spent indeed. Against the significant body of existing social science research on unemploy­ ment, it seems appropriate to be clear about the scope and limitations of the cur­ rent study, however.


1 Dynamics of unemployment, jobs and careers: a cross-national perspective.- 2 Dynamic perspectives on labor markets and unemployment.- 2.1 Perspectives on unemployment dynamics.- 2.2 A matching framework to explain unemployment flows.- 2.3 Institutions, restructuring, and unemployment dynamics.- 2.4 Summary.- 3 Statistical methodology.- 3.1 Data.- 3.2 Statistical analysis of event history data.- 3.3 Institutional inference and cross-national analysis.- 4 Dynamics of employment and unemployment in the United States and West Germany.- 4.1 The structure of unemployment.- 4.2 Labor market flows.- 4.3 Labor reallocation and turnover.- 4.4 Unemployment dynamics.- 4.5 Summary.- 5 Unemployment incidence: labor turnover in the United States and West Germany.- 5.1 Job losses and inflows into unemployment.- 5.2 A structural model of turnover dynamics.- 5.3 Unemployment risks and turnover components.- 5.4 Institutions and economic restructuring.- 5.5 Summary.- 6 Unemployment duration and reemployment rates: a supply-side perspective.- 6.1 Outflows from unemployment: jobs, training or withdrawal?.- 6.2 Interdependencies between exit routes: responses to low reemployment prospects?.- 6.3 Benefit effects revisited: Trade-offs between unemployment duration and reemployment outcomes.- 6.4 Summary.- 7 Opportunity, choice and reemployment rates: two-sided search and vacancy levels.- 7.1 Job competition: which jobs for the unemployed?.- 7.2 Sectoral effects on reemployment processes.- 7.3 Reemployment rates and the structure of opportunity.- 7.4 Structural sources of job opportunities.- 7.5 Summary.- 8 Summary and conclusions.- References.


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