The Peace Business: Money and Power in the Palestine-Israel Conflict

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Mai 2004



"The Peace Business" is a study of the evolution and consequences of business cooperation in the Middle East in the years of the peace process. Markus E. Bouillon examines how the engagement of entrepreneurs and businesspeople in the peace process, as well as how the nature of business ties between Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians, failed to strengthen and advance peace in the Middle East. In this important contribution to the Israel-Palestine debate, he argues that private business interests undermined economic and political stability domestically and thus contributed to the failure of the peace process.


List of Tables and Figures; Exchange Rates, Abbreviations and Acronyms; Note on Transliteration; Chronology of the Middle East Peace Process; Acknowledgements and Foreword; Introduction. Social Forces, Politics and International Relations; The Economy, Business and Politics; Business Interests in Peace and Co-operation; Business Ties between Israel, Jordan and the PA; Business Leaders and Political Elites; Peace, Social Equality and Democracy; The Regional Failure of the Peace Business; Conclusion. Notes; List of Interviews; Bibliography; Index.


Markus Bouillon is a freelance political analyst specialising in the Middle East.


"Markus Bouillon's book makes an important and original contribution to the literature on the Middle East peace process. It is based on extensive and imaginative research and it is packed with new and fascinating material. Bouillon places the behaviour of the elites under an uncompromising lens. His work serves as a useful corrective to the conventional wisdom by highlighting the negative effects of the peace process for all but the elites in Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian territories." -Avi Shlaim, Oxford University "The first full-length, authoritative account of the various dimensions of business in the context of Arab-Israeli "peace"... an empirically dense and nuanced analysis" James Piscatori, Oxford University "...the wealth of data that he present is an eye-opener... the effect of this thorough and exhaustive enquiry is sobering... unreserved admiration for Bouillon's scholarship..." -Sajid Rizvi, Arab Banker "This book is an important new analysis of the 'Road Map' for peace... Markus Bouillon examines the vital role that money and business has played in the process, honestly analysing all sides in the affair." -Fred Rhodes, The Middle East Middle East International, 13th May 2005. Review by John Gee: 'The great strength of his work lies in his analysis of what really has taken place in the specific circumstances of the Palestine conflict. It might make sobering reading for those who have all too readily embraced the idea that the weighty political issues involved can be made to go away without being tackled head-on and in their own right.'
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