Organic Microcavity Laser Dynamics

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Mai 2008



Miniaturization has long been a trend in the creation of better devices, and the study of alternative materials for the production of well-known devices forms one large fraction of material science. Lasers and semiconductor devices have both had their part in the shaping of our current technological age and have formed a symbiosis in semiconductor lasers.
The omnipresence of these unique light sources and the remaining high cost and ecological impact of growing suitable semiconductor materials have sparked the study of organic semiconductor devices and among them organic semiconductor lasers (OSLs). Still a field of great research efforts, the concept of microcavities as base structure for such systems holds the promise of inexpensive, organic or \"plastic\" semiconductor lasers available to the ever-growing markets of consumer electronics. Studied since the mid-90s, first organic microcavity lasers had largely inaccessible dynamics until femtosecond spectroscopic techniques became increasingly available.
This book presents a study of one exemplary system, its dynamics and coherent properties. Also, introductory chapters allow greater access to the field of organic microcavities.


Marko Swoboda was born in Chemnitz/Germany and studied Physics at the Technische Universität Dresden and the University of Lund, Sweden. At Lund, he is now pursuing a PhD degree on the subject of Attosecond Physics, shifting the focus of his research from applied femtosecond spectroscopic techniques to basic dynamics in atoms and nuclei.
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