God and Goodness

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August 1999



"God and Goodness" takes the experience of value as a starting point for natural theology. Mark Wynn argues that theism offers our best understanding of the goodness of the world, especially its beauty and openness to the development of richer and more complex material forms. We also see that the world's goodness calls for a moral response: commitment to the goodness of the world represents a natural extension of the trust to which we aspire in our dealings with human beings.


Preface Introduction The goodness of the world as its reason for existence Some approaches to the rationality of religious belief Two objections to natural theology Part I The goodness of the world as its reason for existence 1. Providence and Beauty The argument from design Tennant's argument Human responses to Tennant The sociobiological critique Conclusions 2. The world as a source of value Introduction Swinburne's argument from consciousness Haldane's argument from concept use The world as a generator of value Conclusions Part II Disvalues and the goodness of the world 3. Providence and evil Introduction How good is good enough? An example of the integral whole approach Divine inscrutability and divine power Some applications Conclusions 4. Theodicy in an ecological mode Introduction Towards an ecological theodicy Failing to see the value of the world Conclusions Part III Moral Commitment to the goodness of the world 5. A non-epistemic case for trusting in the goodness of the world Introduction A moral, communitarian case for religious belief Relationship to God as a trust relationship Conclusions Part IV The goodness of the world and the concept of God 6. Worship and the concept of God Introduction The religious adequacy of the individualistic model The anthropoligical basis of the proposal Conclusions 7. Salvation and the concept of God Introduction The world's resemblance to God A Teilhardian account A final approach: the relation of neccessary complement Conclusions Conclusion Between Cleanthes and Demea Re-enchanting the world Bibliography


"This is a clearly written and well informed book... I recommend it as a very thoughtful and helpful exploration, "dialectical" in the Aristotelian sense."
-Lawrence Dewan, "The Review of Metaphysics
"This is a most attractive as well as quite persuasive book."
-"Heythrop Journal
"A vast amount of research from a wide range of disciplines is surveyed in this book, which by itself makes it worthwhile."
-Barry Harvey, Religious Studies Review
"This book offers a sophisticated version of the design argument for God's existence... is full of interesting ideas and arguments... It offers a fresh look at a familiar kind of argument."
-"International Philosophical Quarterly
"Mark Wynn's "God and Goodnesspresents the case for God's existence in a refreshingly original way. This book needs to be taken seriously by both friends and opponents of theism."
-William Hasker, Huntington College
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