John as Storyteller: Narrative Criticism and the Fourth Gospel

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Januar 1995



In this widely acclaimed study of John's Gospel, Mark W.G. Stibbe shows how the fourth evangelist uses all the tactics of a skilled storyteller to promote his distinctive Christology. Literary and historical methodologies are integrated by the author in his narrative criticism, and a new, holistic approach to the gospel literature is suggested thereby.


Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. The Method of Narrative Criticism and the Gospel of John: 1. The practical criticism of John's narrative; 2. Genre criticism of John's narrative; 3. The social function of John's narrative; 4. The narrative-historical approach to John's story; Part II. An Application of the Method of Narrative Criticism to John 18-19: Introduction; 5. A practical criticism of John 18-19; 6. A genre criticism of John 18-19; 7. A sociological reading of John 18-19; 8. A narrative-historical approach to John 18-19; Conclusion; References; Index of names and subjects.


'No one seriously engaged in Johannine studies today can fail to read this book without profit.' Theology 'In this new, and in many respects fresh, look at the Gospel of John, Mark Stribbe breaks new ground by integrating the synchronic and diachronic styles of biblical criticism, and by treating the Gsopel from a literary, as well as historico-theological, point of view ... Stribbe's book is scholarly, closely argued and technical; but it is accessible, full of insights, and refreshingly free of footnotes. For most of the time it makes compelling reading. Stribbe knows the relevant literature, and engages usefully throughout with alternative scholarly positions. [The book] will remain an important marker in any future research into this Gospel.' Church Times 'His method is promising and his exegesis often provocative.' Expository Times 'A remarkably wide-ranging book, deriving inspiration from a great number of twentieth-century theorists of history and literature.' John Ashton, Epworth Review
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