Circus Dreams: Australian Themes

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August 2008



An outgrowth of the circus as re-cast in a modern form in London in the late 18th century, an Australian circus profession has existed almost continuously since 1847. Australia\'s circus entrepreneurs took the principal features of English, and later American, circus arts and management and reworked them to suit their new Antipodean context. The athletic, intellectually undemanding nature of equestrian-based entertainments harmonised with patterns of modern Australia\'s emerging way of life Despite its pervasive role in Australia\'s cultural life over more than 150 years, examples of serious research into Australian circus are few. The primary aim of this study is to demonstrate the major themes evident in Australia\'s circus history, in terms of society, enterprise and culture, between 1847 and 2006, framed within the broader influences and events apparent in Australian society and history.


Mark St Leon is descended from a family which has been active in circus in Australia, from 1847 until the present time. His dissertation represents the summation of nearly four decades of investigation into the origins and development of this genre of the performing arts in the context of Australia\'s history.
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