Some Explicit Polaroids

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November 1999



Some Explicit Polaroids, the latest play by the author of Shopping and F***ing, premeired at the New Ambassadors Theatre, London in October 1999 in a production directed by Max Stafford-Clark for Out of Joint, prior to a national tour.


Mark Ravenhill is one of the most distinctive contemporary UK playwrights. He burst on to the theatre scene in 1996 with the huge hit Shopping and Fucking. He has continued to garner critical acclaim for plays that include Some Explicit Polaroids, Mother Clap's Molly House, and most recently Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat (National Theatre, Royal Court, Paines Plough, The Gate Theatre, April 2008).


'Out of Joint has made a lasting impact on new writing in this country, commissioning and touring new plays, several of which have gone on to international success...a quick glance at this year's activities alone gives you some impression of the extraordinary scale of the Company's work.' -- Independent
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