Dive Into Python

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November 2004



* Quick start to learning python-very example oriented approach * Book has its own Web site established by the author: Author is well known in the Open Source community and the book has a unique quick approach to learning an object oriented language.


  1. Installing Python
  2. Your First Python Program
  3. Native Datatypes
  4. The Power of Introspection
  5. Objects and Object-Orientation
  6. Exceptions and File Handling
  7. Regular Expressions
  8. HTML Processing
  9. XML Processing
  10. Scripts and Streams
  11. HTTP Web Services
  12. SOAP Web Services
  13. Unit Testing
  14. Test-First Programming
  15. Refactoring
  16. Functional Programming
  17. Dynamic Functions
  18. Performance Tuning


Mark Pilgrim is the author of several technical books, including Dive Into Accessibility, a free book on web accessibility techniques. He works for MassLight, a Washington DC-based training and web development company, where, unsurprisingly, he does training and web development. He lives outside Raleigh, North Carolina, mostly because it's warmer.

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