Interorganellar Signaling in Age-Related Disease

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Collectively, the chapters in this work will provide the reader with novel insight into the inter-relationships of the function of different organelles in the sequences of events that lead to cellular dysfunction and degeneration in the aging human population. The chapters are rich in information for cell and molecular biologists pursuing studies of the different diseases covered. In addition, the clinician will find value in understanding mechanisms underlying age-related disease as such an understanding will lead to novel therapeutic approaches for an array of age-related diseases.


Preface. Peroxisomal alterations in aging and age-related disease (J. Youssef, M. Badr). Perturbed calcium homeostasis in neurodegenerative disorders (M.P. Mattson). Mitochondrial dysfunction in diabetes mellitus (M.F. Bauer, S. Hofmann, K.-D. Gerbitz). Mitochondrial signaling and cancer (T.J. Preston, G. Singh). Molecular chaperones and age-related degenerative disorders (A.J.L. Macario, E. Conway de Macario). The role of telomerase in age-related degenerative disease and cancer (M. Fossel). Mitochondrial oxidative stress and metabolic alterations in neurodegenerative disorders (J.N. Keller, G.W. Glazner). Importance of proteasome-mediated proteolysis and alterations of the ubiquitin/proteasome pathway in cancer cells (V.J. Spataro, C.J. Norbury). Contributors' addresses.


S.I.S. Rattan ...There are eight well-written chapters on a variety of age-related impairments and diseases. Biogerontology
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