Emil Brunner: A Bibliography

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Oktober 1996



The works of Emil Brunner, widely regarded as one of the world's best-known neo-orthodox theologians, have been translated into many languages and published throughout the world. Much has also been written about the man and his works. In this comprehensive bibliography, Mark G. McKim pulls together information about all of these writings--plus information about Brunner himself--into a single, easy-to-search source.


Mark G. McKim is the minister of the Germain Street United Baptist Church in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.


...he presents a three-part bibliography of 696 works written by Brunner, 198 works about him and his theological contribution,... Theology Digest ...the bibliography on Brunner will be immensely useful to both beginning students and seasoned scholars. Calvin Theological Journal This book gives ready access not only to works written or edited by Brunner, but also list works about him, including over fifty doctoral theses. Anyone looking for information on Brunner will find this book indispensible. Reformed Theological Review This bibliography is recommended for all theological and most academic libraries. American Reference Books Annual
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