Finding the Muse

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August 2005



The author identifies the problems of artistic creativity and outlines conditions conducive to artistic creation.


Acknowledgements; 1. Social reality and the space of creativity; 2. To be an artist; 3. In the company of others; 4. Creativity and the market; 5. The dream of artistic freedom; 6. The conditions of creativity; Appendix: the Artists Project; References; Index.


"An outstanding work...Engaging, critically, a variety of 'individualist' views focusing on the encapsulation of the artist, the author makes a strong case for the socio-historical-cultural constitution both of artists and works of art. An exceptionally well written book, accessible both to professional scholars and to intelligent general readers. A 'find.'" Choice "Finding the Muse can be read as a work on the sociopsychology of creativity and artistic work. It should be read simultaneously as a statement of viewpoint about directions for psychology as a field. In both readings, it is a significant contribution that deserves serious intention." Margery B. Franklin, Contemporary Psychology "Finding the Muse will be welcomed in social psychological circles..." Caterina Pizanias, Theory of Psychology
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