Invest in Your-Self: Six Secrets to a Rich Life

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Don’ t just invest in stocks and bonds. Invest in your life. " This book is guaranteed to make a difference in the way you approach money, work– and life in general– whether you’ re just starting out, struggling to succeed, or already on track." – Terry Savage, author of The Savage Truth on Money " We Americans have a choice– spend life enslaved to the gods of consumerism, or live simply but free to fulfill our dreams. If you are yearning to give freedom a try, you’ ll find this inspiring book provides the road map you’ ll need to get started." – Ralph Warner, author of Get a Life: You Don’ t Need a Million to Retire Well " This isn’ t just a money book; it’ s a handbook for living the good life. I loved it." – Barbara J. Winter, author of Making a Living Without a Job: Winning Ways for Creating Work That You Love " Congratulationsto the authors of Invest in Yourself for letting the cat out of the bag and revealing their six secrets to a rich life. Their book should be made required reading for every person on earth. It offers rock-solid advice." – Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series


Acknowledgments. Introduction. MAKE YOUR OWN LIFESTYLE DECISIONS. Charting a Course to the Way of Life You Want. PUT YOUR FAMILY FIRST. Making the Most of Your Time. The Great Sneaker Debate. Paradise Found. How Much Is Enough? WHEREVER YOU WORK, BE IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF. Freeing the Entrepreneur Inside You. Work Is Where the Perks Are. Deal Yourself an Ace in the Hole. MAKE THE MOST OF THE MONEY YOU BRING HOME. Small Change Makes a Big Difference. Penny-Pinching for Fun and Profit. TURN YOUR DEBTS INTO GOLDEN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES. Invest in Your Debts. Your Future Is Not in Plastics. Your Mortgage Is a Great Investment. Driving a Winner. Controlling College Costs: No Problem. MAP OUT YOUR OWN FINANCIAL FUTURE. Financial Planning Made Easy. Bibliography. Index.


MARC EISENSON is the author of the bestseller The Banker's Secret and a nationally recognized expert on how to painlessly exit from debt. NANCY CASTLEMAN, along with Marc, publishes the highly respected Pocket Change Investor newsletter. Through books, software, audiotapes, and an assortment of other publications, Marc and Nancy's Good Advice Press has saved hundreds of thousands of families billions of dollars. They live the ideas of this book on a farm in upstate New York where their nearest neighbors are cows. GERRI DETWEILER is the author of The Ultimate Credit Handbook and an authority on the credit and financial services industry. The former executive director of the Bankcard Holders of America, Gerri lives and works from her home office in Sarasota, Florida. The authors have been featured on the Today show, Dateline NBC, CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, and Good Morning America, and in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and hundreds of other media outlets worldwide.
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