Covering Accident Costs: Insurance, Liability, and Tort Reforms

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Januar 1995



Over the past century, tort law and insurance have developed deeply intertwined legal and economic roots. This title identifies the leading arguments both in favor of and against what it terms the "insurance rationale" - the idea that tort law should be structured to facilitate victim access to assured compensation.


Introduction Part I: The Insurance Rationale for Tort Liability in Legal Theory 1. The Early History of the Insurance Rationale 2. Emergence of a General Insurance Rationale: The Triumph of Legal Realism 3. The Insurance Rationale Decried: The Theoretical Underpinnings of the Current Movement for Tort Reform 4. The Role of Insurance in Tort Liability: Some Preliminary Lessons from Scholarship Part II: The Insurance Rationale for Tort Liability in Practice 5. Judicial and Legislative Approaches to the Insurance Rationale 6. Some Prominent Examples of the Insurance Rationale in Practice 7. Summary of Principal Themes Part III: The Insurance Rationale, the Liability Insurance Crisis, and the Future of Tort Reform 8. The Insurance Rationale and the Late Liability Insurance Crisis 9. The Insurance Rationale Reconsidered 10. The Insurance Rationale and the Future of Tort Reform Notes Index


Mark C. Rahdert is Professor of Law at Temple University.


"Covering Accident Costs is a clear, straightforward, and insightful study of the workings and interrelations of tort law and insurance. Its balanced presentation avoids jargon and is accessible to any interested reader." --Jerry Phillips, University of Tennessee
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