A-Z Guide to Boilerplate and Commercial Clauses

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This popular book clearly and concisely de-constructs the boilerplate clauses commonly used in commercial contracts.


Introduction; Acknowledgments; Affiliates, group companies and subsidiaries; Agency and partnership (denials of); Agents for service; Agreeing to enter and signing an agreement (execution and signature block clauses); Amendment or variation; Announcements; Appointment; Arbitration, alternative dispute resolution and the use of experts; Assignment and novation; Auditing, inspection and records; Best endeavours, reasonable endeavours and all reasonable endeavours; Breach; Capacity (and authority); Charges; Commencement date; Completion; Conditions precedent and subsequent; Confidentiality; Consent; Consequences of termination (survival of terms); Consultation; Consumer contracts; Contra proferentem; Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999; Costs and expenses; Counterparts (or duplicates);Covenants; Cumulative remedies; Currency; Data Protection; Date of agreement; Deeds; Definitions; Deposits and part payments; Disclaimers; Entire and final agreement; Exclusive, non-exclusive and sole; Exemption clauses; Expiry and termination at will; Force majeure; Freedom of information; Further assurance; Good faith; Indemnities; Indexation (inflation); Insolvency (termination for); Insurance; Intellectual property; Interest; Interpretation; Joint and several liability; Language; Law and jurisdiction; Months and other expressions of time; Net sales value (or net invoice price); Notices; Option and right of first refusal; Parties; Partnership (denial of); Payment terms; Priority of terms; Receipts; Recitals; Reporting; Retention of title; Schedules; Set-off and retention; Severance and invalidity; Stamp duty; Sub-contracting; Subject to contract (and other denials of a legally-binding contract); Successors and assigns; Termination for breach; Territory; Time of the essence; Title (or property) and risk; Value Added Tax; Waivers and releases; Warranties.


Mark Anderson, partner and Victor Warner, solicitor, Anderson Law LLP
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