Mystical Theology

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MYSTICAL THEOLOGY reveals that the growing popularity of spirituality in all its forms is largely separated from theology. Through a study of exemplary writers such as Gregory of Nyssa, MYSTICAL THEOLOGY uncovers an understanding of the inner integrity of mystical consciousness and the difference between knowledge through direct experience and theological expression.


Preface. Part I: Issues of History and Method. 1. Spirituality and Theology: The Questions at Issue. 2. Mystery and Doctrine: The Historical Integrity of Spirituality and Theology. 3. Recovering the Mystical Element of Theology: The Twentieth-Century Examples of Rahner and von Balthasar. 4. Theological Hermeneutics and Spiritual Texts. Part II: Mystical Theology in Practice. 5. Trinitarian Self-Abandon and the Problem of Divine Suffering. 6. The Hiddenness of God and the Self-Understanding of Jesus. 7. Love for the Other and Discovery of the Self. Index.


"McIntosh offers a fruitful avenue for overcoming the split between theology and spirituality that has emerged in contemporary Christianity. His mastery of the history of mystical theology is insightful and impressive. His hermeneutical strategy, developed both in its theoretical and practical dimensions, makes a major contribution to the recent study of mysticism." Bernard McGinn, University of Chicago "Mystical Theology is one of the most sustained, systematic and impressive attempts at uniting spirituality and dogma, and demonstrating the necessity of this union, that I have encountered." Brian Horne, Kings College London "The book is a sound exploration of the Christian mystical tradition. The strength of McIntosh's work is its attention to the postmodern question of the other, both human and divine. In short, McIntosh aptly shows that the mystical tradition, which has received comparatively little attention by modern theologians, can and must be an important source for postmodern thinkers. Those who are concerned to address the role of Christian theology in the postmodern age will find this book an important contribution." Timothy P. Muldoon, Mount Aloysius College, Journal of the American Academy of Religion "This is a clearly-written and well-crafted argument for the reintegration of spirituality and theology." Michael Downey, Spirituality
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