Death Rode the Rails: American Railroad Accidents and Safety, 1828-1965

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A fascinating account of one of America's most important industries and its dangers.


Mark Aldrich is the Marilyn Carlson Nelson Professor of Economics Emeritus at Smith College and the author of Safety First: Technology, Labor, and Business in the Building of American Work Safety, 1870-1939, also published by Johns Hopkins.


A fascinating account of one of America's most important industries and its dangers. Scale Rails 2006 A well-made book such as this one stands out as a rare exception. Scitech Book News 2006 Students of rail safety, and today's Class I railroad managers, need to read this volume. -- Ray Weart Trains 2006 Aldrich has created a masterpiece. His research is extensive, drawing on a rich variety of obscure yet relevant sources. -- H. Roger Grant Register of the Kentucky Historical Society 2006 Aldrich... has done an excellent and thorough job of explaining and analyzing the evolution of rail safety over nearly two hundred years. -- Jack W. Traylor History: Reviews of New Books 2006 One of the first large-scale scholarly studies of railroad safety in America... I recommend this book without qualifications. -- Imre E. Quastler Railroad History 2006 An excellent narrative of the evolution of public and industry focus on industrial safety. -- Russell D. Jones Enterprise and Society 2006 Important new book... A significant contribution to the study of both industrial safety and consumer safety as exemplified by one of the most important industries in our nation's history. -- Marc J. Stern Business History Review 2007 A thought-provoking and well-grounded contribution to the history of American economic development. -- James L. Hunt Journal of American History 2007 Pioneering... A central message of Aldrich's book is that 'little accidents' played a crucial though until now largely hidden role in the gradual evolution of a risk society. -- Bill Luckin Technology and Culture 2007 A work of merit... Essential reading for historians of transport safety, business, and technology. -- Mike Esbester Journal of Transport History 2007 Impressive and thoroughly researched... Demonstrates how railroad safety evolved from the intersection of market pressures, technology, and public sentiment. -- James B. McSwain Journal of Southern History 2007 Aldrich has written the field-defining work on railroad safety... An important corrective to the simplistic notion that railroad companies wanted nothing to do with safety before the era of federal regulation. -- John Williams-Searle Annals of Iowa 2007 A masterful study of the complex evolution of railroad safety. -- James W. Ely, Jr. American Historical Review 2007
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