Prostate Cancer; Signaling Networks, Genetics, and New Treatment Strategies

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The National Institute of Child Health and Development estimates that 20% to 25% of children have learning disabilities and that 10% to 15% of these students have a nonverbal learning disorder (NVLD). Research conducted during the past three decades is beginning to shed light on NVLD. And although we do not know as much about this learning disorder as we do the higher-incidence learning disorders (e.g., dyslexia), there is an important increase in information on how to distinguish between children with NVLD and other learning and developmental disorders as well as information on clinical and educational intervention strategies. Because this information has yet to be compiled for the practitioner to easily access, this volume is written and designed to provide practitioners with a current understanding of NVLD and, more important, with new ways of thinking about what these children need and will need as they grow.


Introduction and Overview.- Causes: Developmental and Traumatic.- Prevalence and Associated Conditions.- Case Finding, Screening, and Referral.- Diagnostic Assessment.- Psycho-Educational Assessment.- Treatment.


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