Accordion Culture

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++ Articles

* Marion S. Jacobson: Notes from Planet Squeezebox: The Accordion and the Process of Musical Globalization

* Graeme Smith: Irish Button Accordion: From Press and Draw and Back Again

* Sidney Hutchinson: Becoming the Tíguera: The Female Accordionist in Dominican Merengue Típico

* Marion S. Jacobson: Valtaro Musette: Italians, Accordions, and a Pluralistic Vision of Ethnicity in New York City

* Yin Yee Kwan: The Transformation of the Accordion in Twentieth-Century China

* Maria Sonevytsky: The Accordion and Ethnic Whiteness: Toward a New Critical Organology

++ Book Reviews (Helena Simonett, ed.)

* Kelly Foreman: Tomie Hahn, Sensational Knowledge: Embodying Culture through Japanese Dance

* Daniel T. Neely: Timothy Rommen, "Mek Some Noise": Gospel Music and the Ethics of Style in Trinidad

* Neil Sorrell: Regula Burckhardt Qureshi, Master Musicians of India: Hereditary Sarangi Players Speak

* Robert Reigle: Richard Moyle, ed., Oceanic Music Encounters: The Print Resource and the Human Resource (Essays in Honour of Mervyn McLean)

* Lara Allen: David B. Coplan, In Township Tonight! South Africa's Black City Music and Theatre (second edition)

++ Recording Reviews (Dan Bendrups, ed.)

* Peter G. Toner: Wurrurrumi Kun-Borrk: Songs from Western Arnhem Land. Kevin Djimarr. Sydney: Sydney
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