A High Level Pub/Sub Layer for Open Distributed Heterogeneous Environments

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Juli 2008



The publish/subscribe interaction scheme is claimed
to provide the loosely coupled form of interaction required in large scale environments. There
are important implications for the underlying technological platform. Events must be detected and
signaled as notifications, and they must be understandable beyond the closed confines of
a single enterprise.
Currently, pub/sub does not profit from the infrastructure to support such a set-
ting, where data producers and consumers do not share common assumptions about exchanged
data. Since pub/sub mechanisms decouple producers and consumers, they should share
a common understanding in order to express their mutual interests. Events must
be understandable beyond the closed confines of a single component or application (including
apps that interact across traditional borders regardless of economic, cultural or linguistic differences).
In this work the pub/sub paradigm is analyzed with the purpose to extend it to open distributed heterogeneous environments. On the basis of this analysis, a novel
approach of combining ontologies and notifications is presented to support the correct interpretation of data coming from heterogeneous sources.


Mario Antollini is an Argentinean Software Engineer. Even though he is a young professional, he has considerable experience in the field of distributed systems; event-based and SOA in particular. He worked as an intern at TU-Darmstadt, Germany and at SAP Labs, US. He is currently working in service-oriented projects both at Intel Corp. and Apache
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